Time to fill a disk

Hello folks,

I just want to ask to the experiencied guys here, how much time is required to fill 2, 5, 10, 20 TB of space.

I guess that there is no specific time, however based on your experience, how much time, more or less, it can take. For example, at least 6 months to fill a 5TB disk or something like that.

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, this cannot be predicted with such accuracy because the traffic behavior fluctuates greatly.

20TB would probably take several years. I would estimate 2TB with the current traffic at 4-6 months. Assessment of traffic currently. My 12TB node is 8 months old and filled with 7TB.

6 months ago 8TB would have lasted half a year or even less. You see you can hardly predict that.

I have a total of just about 40TB in 4 separate disks.
I suspect that server will die of old age before it gets half full but I had no other use for it so might as well keep it running (most of the power it uses is offset by my new solar array anyway)


Check this estimator, will tell you how long it takes to fill TBs, based on recent stats:

On my first 2 nodes (started in June 2019) - I’m at a total of 11.45TB (total for the 2) now. These run off of 1 internet connection with 1 IP.

In total I’m at quite a lot more, but that’s divided on many more locations and connections.

Honestly I use that estimator something I noticed it suggest that the max ingress is 1tb a month the issue the first 3 months I got half of that, now by the end of this month I think if I’m lucky I will hit 700gb note my internet is good, Low latency because of fiber optics, and I have 16tb available

Not to say that it is useless it gives you an idea but don’t take it fully seriously.

I am at 16TB at one year.


The first month of operation your node spends a lot of time in vetting. You likely also didn’t start your node exactly on the first of the month. Vetting is accounted for in the estimator, but not starting on the first of the month is not.

Currently my nodes have received 715GB so far this month (one IP). This means they’re expected to get 841GB this month. I’d say that’s very close to the estimation. When traffic changes, I don’t immediately change the estimator or the estimates will keep going up and down constantly. I change the estimates when it seems clear that new trends emerge. There was a lot more ingress not so long ago, so 1TB still seems like a fair average.

Well, As far as I can see, you have had a good ingress ratio per month.

In my case, the question was originated because of my suspect that something is not good. Yes, I have ingress traffic every day, but only 2-3GB/day aprox (and 2-3 of repair), and I’m not in the vetting phase.

Surprisingly, some days ago, after finishing the vetting phase, I had a good ingress rate (about 15-17GB/day), until the 13d of this month when the behavior suddenly changed to worst.
Check the current graph.

What do you think about?


The shape of bandwidth is the same for all SNOs @xavidpr4. Here is how one of my Node dashboards looks like:

It simply reflects how the network has been used for the past month :slight_smile:

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