To less storage space?


Did I interp the last mail from Storj correct. That there is not enough space to send out all Tardigrade invites ?

In the Mail was written :

Demand for the Tardigrade waitlist is currently exceeding our Node capacity

Seems so. I just added three TB to my node, it was 90% full … we’ll see how fast that fills up,

Strange I have 7 TB free space

We havnt launced yet and invites to tardigrate is not done yet.
I take it as the storage we sno,s share isnt enough yet.

I could add like 20TB, but i’m only using 30% of my 7TB shared.

If you have extra capacity you could add, preferrably in different locations and IPs, we encourage you to bring more nodes online now, as it takes time to get the new nodes vetted. Even in the same location, you could add extra hard drives one at a time, to build more capacity, as soon as the previous node has finished vetting. This way your full potential capacity would hopefully be fully vetted and ready to receive data at full speed as soon as more and more customers get onboarded, increasing demand for storage space. You also would have a fail over if for any reason one of your disks is lost, then you at least would have a spare disk already vetted still online and ready to continue receiving data, with no additional downtime or data throttling due to vetting.

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hi @jensamberg
as noted in the email, anticipation for Tardigrade is high! We work hard to keep the supply and demand sides in balance, as always. We have many folks who are eager to begin using Tardigrade. Its great news.

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Well, keep it coming. I have 6.5TB left waiting to be used and when that’s full, I have made enough STORJ to buy my next HDD to expand my RAID, paid for by you! :wink:

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@BrightSilence I have 300gb left and looking right now for a lesser used drive and its going to get paid with STORJ income😀