TOS prohibits running multiple nodes and other issues


[…] You will not:
Operate more than one (1) Storage Node behind the same IP address;

Meanwhile Storj recommends running one storage node for each disk in a server

Disconnect a Storage Node or otherwise purposefully render it “offline” for any reason other than Company-required maintenance or Storage Node Software updates;

Why would temporarily shutting down a storage node for personal server maintenance reasons be against ToS? Everyone will have violated this at some point.

5.1.11 is exactly the same as 5.1.16

Retain any Storage Materials after the earlier of termination of this Agreement or Disqualification of the applicable Storage Node at any time; or

If it is against ToS to store data after disqualification, shouldn’t the node automatically delete data associated with a satellite once disqualified?

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Thanks for the post! Another user recently mentioned a similar discrepancy. As replied in that thread, we are in the process of updating the TOS. The changes need to be approved by our legal team, so it may take some time before the changes are reflected at