Town Hall Q4 2021 today?

I was puzzled by the date. I would have expected it to be the Q1/22 Town Hall.

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I think the issue is that we didn’t have time last year so we are a bit late with sharing the Q4 information. Besides the confusing name, it should still contain the up-to-date information we usually share.


I still don’t understand why this is being hosted on YouTube instead of on Storj :wink:

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Part of the reason is because it’s not just about serving the video file.

YouTube offers streaming specific functionalities such as the live chat box where the community can ask questions and receive answers during the initial Premiere stream, which gets captured for future viewers.

Ah, right.
That makes sense… :slight_smile:

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From a potential customer perspective it looks like Storj does not trust its own technology when you are using Youtube to store your videos.
I see that Youtube has some additional useful features and therefore had made the suggestion in the past to upload Youtube videos to Storj DCS and put a link in the description area. So anyone can watch the video from the cloud and get first hand impression on Storj DCS: [VIDEO] Tardigrade Thursday: Set up a Storj storage node on Windows - #4 by jammerdan


I hear what you are saying.
While I can’t make that decision unilaterally, it warrants an internal discussion.
Thank you.

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While hosting our own video content on our own platform would help continue to show that we trust our own platform, we would lose many of the features and discoverability that come along with YouTube.

So while I agree with your sentiment, I don’t necessarily see the value in doing this ourselves for one selection of media while we have many other cases where we do trust and use our own product.


My suggestion is not about abandoning Youtube. It is about uploading the content additionally to Storj DCS and put a link to that into the Youtube description box.
What disadvantages would that create and what features and discoverability would you lose in that case?



We will discuss it internally and see what can be done.
Thank you for always being on top of this stuff !


Would you not get dmcad

you mean for this ?

I don’t know but I know I have seen it in the past that content creates have added additional links in the description box. It is just a suggestion, if it is not permitted in the box, maybe there are other ways to display that link (maybe in an intro to the video).

Yea I’m unsure but in making my site
A decentralized video storage site many members of the community kept saying about dmca

DMCA for what exactly?
I don’t understand what you are asking

If someone where to host a video on DCs that they don’t own or have permission to use it could become an issue but if you made sure that only videos y’all have permission to upload are uploaded like they are all public domain movies on dcs

Thank you for clarifying.

My understanding is that the DMCA rules that apply to a centrally stored video would also apply to a decentrally stored video, because the law attaches to the ownership of the video whether that video is in 1 or a million pieces.

According to Stanford, which I trust as a source, collections of public domain works may be protected by copyright

I will ask for guidance internally because this is a very specific and important question and I want to give you and anyone who searches this in the future, the correct answer.

I agree i believe centralised an decentralized should / would both follow the same rules but if the owners of the non public domain videos allows it it should be fine (I’m not certain either just relaying the complaints the community had about my similar idea)

Also thank you for striving for the correct awnser

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Yes. Then it would, I believe, become a legal question for the owner of the video if they choose to allow it or not which is a question independent of the nature of the storage of the video.

I’ve left a note for the team and hope some more people will offer their opinions.

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Ok thanks i Understand just wanted to clarify as it sounded as if non owners intended to upload to storj and post link on YouTube but if the owners got a say it’s completely fine btw I’m not against the idea i love it and that’s why i am configuring my own satellite for de-tube (currently uses us1)it’s a great way to store stuff

It’s good that you asked this because if you are wondering, its certain other people are too.

Either I or another team member will come back with the official answer.