Traffic forward with dynamic dns

Hi! I have a couple of nodes that running with different ips through vps with iptables port traffic routing.
I’m moving in a new house with a great connection speed but no static ip. I will use dynamic name services but I can’t use it in iptables rules.
I’m running 5 nodes with linux (docker) so i think it’s impossible to setup different wireguard connections per container.
Do you have any idea?

Congratulations on moving to a new house!

I recall years ago writing a simple shell script that was started from cron, would query DDNS and rewrite the firewall rules every time the DDNS entry changed. This was obviously not for Storj (I’m not sure it existed at that time), but I was happy with the solution. It was also before wireguard existed. And now I’d probably run it from a systemd timer service… That said, it was good enough for my purposes. So maybe something like that would help your use case as well.

If you are doing it to circumvent the network behavior into not sharing traffic between all your nodes — then please stop.

If you are doing it because you are behind GNAT, and want to run multiple nodes — then it does not matter how many nodes you run.

If you run them on the same host — just forward traffic to that host (on its static wireguard address), on different ports for different containers.

If you run them at different computer in your LAN — you can write static routes but easier will be to install wireguard client on each of those separate machines.

I guess I don’t understand your question, because you having dynamic IP shall not matter in this scenario.