Transfer little 200gb node to bigger place 10tb

Hello guys,

i would like to know how can transfer my little node to bigger place
System is win 10 enterprise
sorry for disturbing,im noob girl

thanks for your time


In case of small amount what I did when transferring my 700Gb node to my new 16tb I created a SAMB server and just dragged and dropped the files into the new PC and just set up a new storage node and transferred all the identity files.

If you have 1gb net connection it will take a few hours so there wont be big downtime

and win 10 is good but recently I upgraded to win server and it is better as it stays online and no win updates bother me

Skyblockpro1 ups sry, my mistake 1TB – is 10TB drive :smiley:

It should still work it shouldn’t take very long max of one day

SAMB worked well for me twice in past

Oh one more thing they talk about robocpy but I couldn’t ever get it to work

Hello @clapsyourhand,
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We have a such guide:

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ALEXEY its for new device,not for new driver and your tutorials is very bad for new users, very very very bad…but its classic from STORJ,when im started on v1, cos of this mess im ended with STORJ :frowning:

I think the title is a bit confusing an misleading of what your trying to do.

deathlessdd im using 1TB drive now, and 200GB offered for STORJ
now im bought 10TB drive,and i would to add to storj too, im listened,when im use second node on my 1IP,i get ban

So let me get this straight you have a 1TB hard drive but your only sharing 200gb?

Theres nothing complex about just transferring the node data to a new and bigger hard drive. If your running a windows node stop the node from running transfer the data to new drive, change the config for the node to the new location and start the node again. Shouldn’t take long if you only have 200gigs of data for your node.

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What do you want to do?
Move this one to the bigger drive and allocate more space?
Or setup a second node on that new HDD?

1step will ne only copy all files from folder NODE1 to new 10drive?
change config=where is config (what config)? all what i see,is exists identify files in my %APP, thats all
with old storj v1 it was very easy make 3-4 nodes :frowning:

your config is where ever you installed the storj gui if its default its in program files

The config file for the Windows GUI version is placed in the "C:\Program Files\Storj\Storage Node\" folder and called config.yaml.
Each additional node will be a separate setup. On Windows the installer of Windows GUI version can setup only one node.
If you want to have more than a one node on Windows, you have two options:

Alex that yaml i founded, wow,thanks, im noobish for this :smiley: ,but learning very fast

DOCKER next dillema

your tutorial with docker missing!!! we need step by step, it looks,that storj is again for few ppl only

Yes, few people that spend time to learn and ask questions when stuck with any issue to get it resolved.

all done, NODE working … im copied all files to new node, speed was fast, till 20minutes

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it’s there:

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