Transfer node from Linux to Windows error - QUIC Misconfigured status

Hello! I have a QUIC Misconfigured status. I moved my node from Linux to Windows. I already had one instance of node Running on that Windows machine, so I used the toolbox to install the new one. The installation guide said copy storage folder, Identity and orders. However, when you install, there is no way to point installation to a sprcifiс orders folder. So I copied orders into the folder created by the installation software (c:/program files/…). All looks good, but I lost payouts balance and also I cannot get rid of QUIC Misconfigured status.

Did you open UDP in Windows Firewall?


You need to check that you have an inbound rules for UDP 28969 and TCP 28969 in your Windows firewall. Your port forwarding rule on your router should forward TCP 28969 and UDP 28969 to your PC.
If both are configured, then you can try to hard refresh the storagenode’s dashboard (Ctrl-F5).

hello, this tool do not check UDP port forward, it was made before QUIC support at all.

I did it all. Still not.
Suspencion and audit 100%. Previous balance gone, current used space about right.QUIC


Bandwith used egress ingress are about OK

QUIC is related only to network connectivity through UDP, the satellites will try to contact your node through QUIC first, and uses TCP as a fallback. So, if they unable to contact your node through QUIC (UDP), you will see a warning about QUIC misconfiguration.
So, could you please show your port forwarding rule for this node and firewall rules?

OMG it is OK now after two+ hours

SO, is it OK, that I do not see payouts I carried forward from the previous machine? Were they supposed to reset?

did you moved also databases? if not then you will no see it in the node. But it will be paid to you dont worry. so dont know is it worth messing.

Thank you! I didn’t move DBs as a broken DB was the reason to move. I had the Storjnode on HiveOS along with GPU mining, messsed with overclocks, crushed, disks disconnected and DB got bad, so I moved the identity, etc…

You could just re-create databases

However, if databases are lost, you also lost a local statistics, but payout is calculated on the satellite, so no problems here except wrong local Stat for the current period and no history.

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Thank you. fixing DBs was a bit to complicated for me. It didn’t work quickly, maybe the old machine wasn’t working properly, so moving to the other machine was an optimal solution for me. I am fine with wrong local stats.

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