Try Tardigrade with 50 GB Free after adding a payment method. Cancel before your credit runs out and you’ll never be billed

As a SNO, i might be interested in trying this service. But i don’t want to spend money for this try and add my card details.

If it’s free, let’s make it free, without any credit cards. If it’s paid, then why advertise as free?

This feels like hunting for the people who will forget to remove the card and will be billed. Afterwards the guy will remove the card, but Storj will have a small fee, that it got accidentaly. But is this the main Storj target group?

It’s how marketing works I guess. Even Google Stadia’s “free” 2 month of usage during COVID lockdown needed CC to be added on profile. Also it helps stop abuse in a way that you won’t try setting up multiple accounts for 1000 times 50GB usage. A legit CC would stop this abuse.

This is evident when ISPs advertise “unlimited” broadband with bandwidth cap. Let’s say after 500 GB your 100Mbps gets downgraded to 1Mbps this technically does let you download and upload but at reduced speed hence “unlimited”. But a layman would assume its “unlimited 100Mbps” broadband.

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Think of it as a bot protection, If someone wanted to if there wasnt a way to pervent users from creating a bunch of 50gig free accounts whats gonna stop them? Of course add a way to control it.


Also, if you would not have a data in the network you will not be charged even if you forgot to close an account.
You will be charged only for actual usage.

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