Twitter clone with Mastodon and IPFS

Working on building a decentralized twitter clone and want to use Mastodon with IPFS and was hoping to get some thoughts on potential issues.


HI @whsclub
If you feel comfortable chatting throuhg your specfic use case, feel free to post more, we love details!
I’ll also find some resources for you – look for a DM from me later today.

Ya, happy to. Let me know any additional question/details that would be helpful.

As mentioned - trying to build a decentralized twitter clone. Mastodon is a pretty fully featured Twitter clone. It would be nice to take use Mastodon along with IPFS and possibly OrbitDB or another integration.

Ill keep an eye out for the DM, thanks.

Hi @whsclub I actually am chatting about this now internally with the team. ttys!