Unable to access zksync documentation

I have my wallet configured to use the address that i obtained after installing “Metamask” app on my phone. About a couple of months ago i read that storj is moving to zksync for payments. So i started searching for the documentation on configuring zksync wallet address to my storage node , but i could not access its documentation online.

Can someone point me to that so that i can re-configure my wallet and start getting payouts in it.


We have documentation regarding configure zkSync on docs.storj.io, but it’s currently not available because of issues with our docs provider: https://www.gitbookstatus.com/

You can use a cached version: Configuring zkSync Payments - Node Operator

It’s just enable zksync wallet feature (operator.wallet-features: ["zksync"]) in the config.yaml. The wallet itself need to be connected to https://wallet.zksync.io/ when you want to withdraw your tokens.

The zkSync will be used for all outstanding payouts in the next payout period (the first 2 weeks of the next month for a previous periods).

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Thanks @Alexey

I managed to connect my wallet to zksync. Updated the config.yaml file as well and restarted the storage node container. Now i can see that the node dashboard shows that i have opted in for zksync. So i believe i am fine with these steps so far.

I have a few questions though:

  1. After connecting my wallet to zksync. I see that i dont have any L2 payouts yet. Do i need to purchase and add any tokens to the zksync wallet to activate it ? Or will the storj token payments once i am eligible for payment will be credited into my wallet ?

  2. Will i be receiving payments in storj tokens in zksync wallet ?

  3. If i receive payments in storj tokens , then will i be able to transfer these storj tokens to my storj wallet address that i have opened in exchange where i can sell them and get the fiat currency in my exchange’s wallet ? Basically i want to know how i can use the storj tokens and transfer to my exchange so as to be able sell them for earning fiat currency.

  4. Are there any fees that will be chargeable when i transfer storj tokens from my zksync wallet to my exchange’s storj wallet ? If yes , Please elaborate on this.


There is no need. It is possible, but it is not necessary to receive payment.
Payouts are sent in the first 2 weeks of the next month for a previous periods. So, you should receive the payout in the next 2 weeks of November 2021.

Yes. You will receive STORJ tokens to your wallet address on zkSync (Layer 2 of the Ethereum network).

See Withdrawal from zkSync to L1

Yes, every TX requires to pay fee to the miners. For L2 you can call the API to see how much it costs now: Understanding zkSync fees