Unable to connect to the satellite private ip issue?

I connected a running to node to a new private network.
The node picked up the IP and was correctly reachable from outside, however it was not able to reach the satellites. Error message was unable to connect to the satellite.
From the logs I could see that it was still trying to make connections via its old internal IP and was not able to send out orders.
I have restarted Docker and the problem went away, so it seems that it picked up the new private IP.
Now I am just wondering if this behavior is expected, meaning that assigning a new private IP requires a Docker restart or if there is some setting that would make it pick up a new IP without further action.

Looks like a local configuration issue for me.

Any idea what this could be?
The device itself picked up the new IP just fine, only the storagenode container required a full stop, removal and restart. It looked like it had cached the old network IP config somewhere and did not automatically refresh it.

From your message it’s not clear, how you can see your private IP in the storagenode’s log. You should have a public IP or DDNS hostname, which is resolved by the satellite to the public IP.

The local IP can be mentioned only when you have failed connections, this is due to NATing between container and host network controlled by the docker. So, I can assume that you mean exactly this case.
The docker should update route tables and its routing automatically if your interface IP has changed but only in case if your OS is notified it.
From what you said, your OS didn’t so, thus you requires either refresh interface manually or restart a docker.
I didn’t have such an issue though.
Maybe you have installed updates but they are not applied correctly yet and your system requires reboot.

And also, if your internal IP has changed, you probably need to update your port forwarding rule on your router. Not all routers updates forwarding rules automatically.

Well ok thanks.
Unfortunately the logs are gone now due to restart.
If this happens again, I’ll have to dive deeper into it.