Unable to login on US1

Hi folks,
I am having problems trying to login today on US1, the page is issuing an error “Unexpected token T in JSON at position 0” on US1. Is there something wrong there?

Never mind, after many attempts the issue was resolved apparently.

Thank you for reporting, our dev team is already troubleshooting this issue now.

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We found already the root cause. However fixing it is a different story. So far we know that one customer is hitting the satellite UI to the point that the rate limit kicks in. The rate limit itself is bound to the request IP address. Now the problem is that somewhere between load balancer and satellite UI we are losing the IP address information. That means your login attempt has the same IP address information and will get rate limited.

The solution for this is that we need to make sure the source IP address gets passed to the satellite UI. At that point your login would work and just that one customer will get rate limited. It might take us a few hours to find out where the IP address gets lost.