Unable to reach dashboard from local computer

I’m running Storj from a local computer on my network using the GUI install. I have a remote desktop solution, so I’m not in a hurry to resolve this, but I’ve spent the last few days searching around the internet and not getting anywhere.
As far as making sure the 14002 port is open on the host machine, it is and I was able to confirm that the port is open on as far as the host is concerned, but I’m unable to see the port from the machines on the network. I saw on one of the more recent posts that only loops back into itself and it might need to be configured differently, but that post was for the docker solution, so I don’t know if it applies for my situation.
As far as my local firewall, I made sure the ports were open for TCP and UDP connections inbound and outbound (though I think it’s only using TCP as far as I can tell)

This applies for any OS or network, If you wanna be able to access the dashboard on a network you need to use the local IP on the network not the loopback address. If you connect to the dashboard on the machine which is running the node it can access the dashboard fine.

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Let me rephrase my statement. On the host machine, I was able to verify the port was running on the host, though it lists it as the localhost. If I need to change that in my configuration file, which entry would I change?
On the computers on my network, I am attempting to access it using the host’s IP and the connection fails even though the firewall on the host is set up correctly.

Hi @bram if you want to reach the node from a machine in the local network you have to replace with 14002

This one:

# console.address:

You need to uncomment it (remove the # include space after) to make it


Then replace to the local IP or (to bind to all interface) or just remove
Please do not forward this port on your router - you will expose your private information to the internet, use this guide instead: How to remote access the web dashboard | Storj Docs

Save the config file (menu File - Save) and restart the storagenode service either from the Services applet or from the elevated PowerShell:

Restart-Service storagenode