Uncaught TypeError: self.newPermission is not a function


Upon entering my old passphrase for object browser, this " Uncaught TypeError: self.newPermission is not a function " error appears.

It was working fine yesterday. :confused:

Could you please try to clear cookies and cache for the satellite URL and login back then try an Objects browser?
If the problem would persist - please show a screenshot with development console opened (F12) on Network tab when the error is appear.



Thank you very much for the solution.

Cleaning cookies didn’t work.
Cleaning cookies + cache worked.

Any idea, why something like this would happen out of the blue ?

The Satellite UI and Objects browser have changed. Seems some js in the cache did not expire, but was incompatible with a new versions.

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We are not 100% sure what triggered this issue, but our best guess is that the Go team updated wasm_exec.js in early September (commit link). However, the filename, wasm_exec.js, did not change. So many browsers do not load this updated file because they think it is cached.
We are considering a solution where in each release, we have a custom name for these wasm files, and fall back to wasm_exec when necessary, but I am not sure what kind of timeline that would be on.