Undistributed payout

As far as I understand the undistributed payout is per address, not per node.
While it is interesting to see this amount per node in the dashboard, it does not reflect the cumulated value if a node operator runs several nodes under one address.

Can such an information be added a field showing the undistributed payout per address?

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That’d be useful.

I guess that’s something that would make sense to add to the multi-node dashboard in fact.
Not sure when it will be ready though, seems like it’s not a high priority thing right now for StorjLabs, and I understand that.

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It’s almost certainly not possible in the single node dashboard, just based on how the reporting back of such data works. It’s all per satellite and per node. The aggregation almost certainly only happens on payout and no other system ever combines all that info.

The multinode dashboard is indeed your best bet for such information. That way you can aggregate it yourself.

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Good Day @BrightSilence, @Pac, @jammerdan this is a great idea! Pac, you are correct the Multi-Node Dashboard is a high priority for us, we are currently building it. We will look into adding this feature to it. The MND is also in tech preview in case you wanted to check it out. @viktor [Tech Preview] Storage Node Multinode Dashboard

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Hey all,
Just want to let you know that this feature will be available on MND (multi-node dashboard) but only for those nodes that added there. Which means that if you have 10 nodes connected to single wallet but you have added just 6 of them to MND then you will see your undistributed amount per wallet for all 6 nodes that added to a Dashboard. Other 4 will not be included and you will need to calculate total amount for 10 manually


That makes sense to me :slight_smile:
Thanks for the heads up, that’s great news! :clap:

Maybe someone can advise how to find the undistributed payout from the Node API.
I am unable to match value from dashboard with the api values.

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