Update Proposal for Storage Node Operators - Open for Comments

Exactly, particularly with the 10 months of almost no income now. Reduced rates+withheld results in not much left over.

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We do not yet know the point where that equilibrium will be found. So far in the last 30 days the trend has been majorly downwards. I expect the next major drop to be after Aug 10th or so after next payment cycle.

As long as all my nodes are flat-lined, I welcome any nodes bailing out. The data inflow is still very low. This is the 3rd month my overall data stored has not moved up to much.


I would be interested to know @BrightSilence calculations on this. If the network shrank by half for example down to 10k nodes, would that then impact data resiliency?

I dont think it will be a problem, theoretically it cold be if they drop all at once. But it happen slowly and repair is happening, also part of people make GE.


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As of right now, with the current payouts, it would appear it is going to take me about a YEAR before I even start breaking even on a monthly basis - with one of the 3 lowest electric rates in the United States, and 3 TIMES lower of a rate than the national average.

How to you expect to attract new node operators when most them are going to LOSE MONEY for 2-3 years - if you still exist by then - then need 2-3 MORE years to get back to “even” before they factor in EQUIPMENT costs and gear that has probably in part DIED in that timeframe?

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You should use an existing online hardware, which will be online with Storj or without. In this case any income is a pure profit.
We do not recommend to invest to anything with purpose only for Storj - you could not have a ROI soon.


I was just talking about the RAW COST OF ELECTRIC TO RUN THE HARDWARE - as I specifically mentioned my very low electric rate in my original post.

Are you talking about tying my my main machine with this stuff?
Your reply is making ZERO sense to me right now.

I’m talking about already running hardware, so your costs already paid before Storj. And running a node just would give you a discount to your bills.
We do not expect that running a node will cover any costs. It may, but not guaranteed.


This is a debate since the begining of time on this forum. Storj dosen’t want SNOs investing in new hardware just for storagenodes, don’t have a strategy to support that case. But greedy operators want to make money, want to build storage farms with hardware they don’t have, and they invest, and they realise the ROI takes way too long.
So do what you want, but don’t expect Storj to help you win big. And for the moment, the space supplied by SNOs is more than enough. Storj dosen’t need more space or SNOs at the moment.


Maybe your hardware draws too much power?

With respect, if Alexey’s reply isn’t making sense then it seems you’ve not properly research the project before spinning up a node.
There are ample posts about that very subject.

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Setting up PC’s to run drives is often one problem for new node operators. The electric burn is too high. Some people use NAS devices they already have running 24/7 and share out their extra capacity.

Using a Raspberry Pi or similar device will give you a much lower electrical cost versus a standard PC or hardware server.

Lastly, data growth around here is often driven by the usage of customers and when large customers add significant data, we all see substantial data growth. When this isn’t happening, data growth can be tepid due to all of the nodes out there splitting the data between them.

With all things like this, the nodes that have the least expenses are going to be the most profitable and experience the most growth. Those who can’t make money will simply not participate unless they just enjoy the technology and don’t mind paying for the losses.


There may be “ample posts about that very subject” somewhere, but I had not SEEN them and it’s NOT made clear to a person new to the concept of Storj that you are relying on VOLUNTEERS to donate their hardware and electric to make your COMMERCIAL project a success.

Your entire basic business model is flawed - you’re not a “volunteer” project like Folding@Home

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The DRIVES ALONE are the majority of the power draw, and you’re NOT going to reduce that without causing “slow to respond” issues - and even THEN not by much overall.

So, what drives are you using?

Correct, they aren’t. That’s why they pay you. They’re just not responsible for any additional costs you incur. Plenty of nodes are profitable. Mine are, because I have no additional costs other than ones I made using profits already made with Storj. You may like to pretend it’s impossible, but it isn’t. I’m pretty sure your energy bill would be lower than mine if you have a low rate for US standards, because the Netherlands isn’t exactly cheap. Use existing hardware that is already online and you have effectively 0 costs. Do with the info what you like, but lets not pretend it’s not possible to make money or this is a volunteer type of deal.


So you made a mistake and are dissapointed about it, because your expectations are not met?

We can clarify some things and help you maybe, if you like the technology, and share information with us, how it came to your dissapointment.

Best wishes