Updater interval

With the new auto-update I am confused if there is still an option left to control when the availability of the new version will be checked and/or when an update is getting performed.
I tried to figured it out with command docker exec -it storagenode /app/storagenode --help and docker exec -it storagenode /app/storagenode-updater --help but could not find out about it. So what is the default interval and how would I set a different one?

docker exec -it storagenode ./storagenode-updater run --help | grep interval
      --version.check-interval duration    Interval to check the version (default 15m0s)

So would I need to run it like this docker exec -it storagenode ./storagenode-updater run --version.check-interval 1h0m ?

But is it persistent? I mean do I have to run this for every node separately and after every node restart? Or is there some config that can be set to achieve the same result?

You can try to specify it in the config.yaml file.

That would be this: # Interval to check the version # version.check-interval: 15m0s?

Because as I understand it from here: Storagenode-updater ignores version.check-interval parameter · Issue #3752 · storj/storj · GitHub

This is for the dashboard version check:

storagenode version check is used in the dashboard to show whether there are new versions available. It doesn’t do any updating on its own.

storagenode-updater uses the same config file as a storagenode by default, thus you can see warnings in logs regarding unsupported keys.
So, yes - this is the correct option. And yes, this is also interval for storagenode to check its version to be sure it’s still compatible with the allowed version.

Ok, thanks then I’ll try with this setting.

And other question: To apply the setting changed in config.yaml, only stop and restart is required, right?
No need for docker rm ?

Yes, you can also use docker restart -t 300 storagenode.

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