Updates on Test Data

Come to Switzerland, we have 25Gbit in 40% of the homes :slight_smile:

Naahh that is not the reason. The reason is that for download, 90% of traffic will be cached.
Watching a movie from Netflix? Cached
Getting an iOS Update? Cached

But sending 10GB to Dropbox over IX or DE-CIX (little bit more important in Europe)? That can’t be cached and costs money.

That is a deliberate choice, not a god given physical limit or something. And you are totally right, this choice was made because people don’t care about upload speeds. Heck people don’t even care about peering unfortunately.

That was indeed my question.

Why not both?

While we are the topic of peering, here is a fun game for you guys. For the one million question, guess which line is fastest in downloading a game on launch day on steam?

A: Init7 1GBit
B: Swisscom 10GBit
C: Salt 10GBit
D: Sunrise 10GBit