Uplink questions

Say one made an uplink for us1 or 2 or any other satellite and this added functionality could they then use a different pricing model as long as the fees to storj are paid
Also if I can do the above who would be interested in a trial for fixed pricing using my uplink

Hi @1qazx

Can you please clarify your questions with more details about your intentions so that we may answer them correctly?

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I have made a script that uses storj as a backend could I then charge whatever
Price I like aslong as I pay for the space I /my business would use on the satellite
Btw welcome to the fourm always good to see a developer around


I don’t see any problem with your idea as written. As long as you pay for the space and bandwidth that you use, you can charge your own customers directly. We have several companies we work with who have similar business models. Be sure to mention to your customers not to store illegal content, and/or share copyrighted content or any violations of our ToS.


Cool thought so just checking to be sure and I thought a few used storj as a backend and also I plan to have a tos that includes what the storj one does my customers will be shown that tos and asked told not to breach it