Upload speed is less since update to 30.5


I have the feeling the upload speed decreased since the update to 30.5?
My location is Germany and I am using the europe sattelite.

And how much do you get? How much upload does your connection offer?

@kevink I have 20 MBit up. And now I have 1 MBIt upload speed.

How do you measure upload speed? Because the values shown in the uplink cli are ridiculously wrong…
I have a 50MBit upload and looking at my fritzbox as well as netdata stats I get 5MB/s upload all the time, even though the uplink cli often shows values below 1MB/s.
I did however not measure the time it takes to upload the file to calculate if the readings are correct or multiple retranmissions occur to make the effective upload rate lower than the measured one in netdata.

@kevink Ok I measured it with the data from uplinkcli. Will try again.

Measured it with other. speed is very low. However other Tardigrade users report the same. I think it is known issue

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