Uptime metrics on a couple of my nodes

I run a series of nodes for testing in different environments. Currently I have a Raspberry Pi 4 that is running running the Docker version and I have not had to reboot it in over 120 days. In fact, other than refreshing the web GUI every so often, I have not had to intervene with it at all during that time. It’s been rock solid.

I also have a Pi 3 that is also running, and it has been working without a hitch for over 90 days.

I hope to have some good metrics for the Windows units I run over time, as I haven’t had any that ran extensively up until recently. But so far they appear to be working fine, though I did have one situation where the Service was found stopped and I had to manually restart it. That may have happened post update, so I will keep an eye on it.

These are good numbers though. I never had that kind of uptime reliability with v2.


There are a few GUI users that faced exactly the same situation. Node was updated but not started back up. Please update us on your progress with other setups :slight_smile:

PS: Glad to see your posts again

I cant complain with windows GUI ive been testing it ever since it was released maybe the difference is I didn’t install in default location?

I have a rock64 4GB on Debian that has been running since February 2018, first with v2, now with v3. I haven’t had any issues (other than self inflicted ones) the entire time. I know at some point I remember seeing my v2 uptime well over 200 days. The only restarts have been by choice. Currently sitting at 41 days since the last restart. These little linux machines can be pretty solid.

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I have the 3 systems:
2 Windows
2 Raspberry 3
1 Synology

All rock solid, except windows nodes stop the update service on every release and have to be manual started.

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