US1 in Thanksgiving mode?

Ingress from US1 satellite has been lower the past couple of days for me. Hopefully it is not permanent. I wonder if it may be caused by Thanksgiving with so many Americans visit families and relatives over that week.

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Egress is also lat day was bolowe anything I seen before.

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It is interesting as it could prove that US1 is in fact used by US people and a large driver for traffic. This would also mean that Storj needs more effort for Europe and Asia regions to acquire customers.


US1 is my highest Ingress and egress

Most of my Ingress is on US1 for me, but I’m not even on that continent - AP1 and EU1 are really low in comparison.

Nov21 is currently looking like the worst Ingress / Egress storage growth I’ve seen the last 12 months - My node is currently in negative growth, with the pattern being Ingress, followed by delete to Trash in 7 -14 days.


This is mine so US1 isnt the one on thanksgiving break.


Hi @deathlessdd , may i ask you a question about your setup?

Do you run a single node or multiple nodes and the stats are just from one of them?

If you want to mention someone, use @ symbol and select or type name

I run 6 nodes and that is just 1 of them.

Are they at different locations?
I’m asking because my setup at home is 7 nodes (currently 7.11 TB used) and the combined ingress of them is similar to your node, but the combined egress of the 7 nodes is about 516 GB.

So i’m a little confused about the different ratio between ingress and egress compared to your node.

I have 3 public Ips and most of my nodes are full. Only 3 nodes are getting any ingress