Used more space than allocated

Hello dear SNO colleagues, hello STORJ team!

I had to reduce the available disk space a little bit because another application was installed on the server which needs some HDD space.

I reduced the values for allocated space in the command line and now I get the warning " WARN piecestore:monitor Used more space than allocated".
In the dashboard I am now 36 GB in the minus.

Is this a problem? Will it level out again? Do I have to react in any way?

Thanks for your help!

It’s not a problem. Your node won’t receive any new data. Used storage won’t go down by itself. Only when customers delete their data will data be removed from your node. You don’t have to do anything.

All right. I assume the stored data is mainly test data, not user/customer data. Will this test data be deleted at some point to free up space for real user data?

One of the test sats will be shut down and download and delete it’s data. So yes, a lot of it will be removed. But a new test sat will take over.