Using Storj DCS as Pixelfed Storage

Also If this visit this url

It’s Redirecting me to MinIO dashboard… Which it shouldn’t

Losing my mind now … :slightly_smiling_face:

I need to set the bucket public … right ?

Should I enter my Access Id generated by GatewayST after --access?

You need to run GatewayST in website mode, see Gateway ST Advanced Usage - Storj DCS Docs

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Is there any problem if I run with default access grant ?

Okay … Now I can access direct links … But suddenly my site isn’t responding :confused:… Server is up and running

I’m back to where I was …

Maybe Its related to Pixelfed … Not Storj DCS …

This is the cause…

But I’ve set bucket name correctly :slightly_smiling_face:

Pixelfed thinks my file is located at

But it should be

My GatewayST is working fine … It’s pixelfeds problem

Sorry … It’s showing the preview

Okay ! It’s working fine now … Had to remove AWS_URL … That’s it … Thank you @Alexey … I’ll disturb you whenever I face any problem in the future …

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You can use any access grant in the GatewayST, but if it is on the shared server I would suggest to limit the access grant to only one bucket.

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Seems … Something is wrong with my setup … My main site works fine after a server restart… After few minutes its unreachable again … If I visit the ip address … Its loading the MinIo dashboard

Of course it will, because your nginx tracks only requests to addresses, mentioned in the server_name clause.
Maybe you need to change location / {...} to

    location /my-bucket/ {

        proxy_pass http://localhost:7777/my-bucket/;

if your mastodon instance on the same server and wants to serve the / location too.

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I would like to ask if anyone here actually runs a Pixelfed instance with StorJ integration. I have two important questions.

1.- How do you handle the situation that all the uploaded photos and videos don’t just get mirrored? Everything that has been ever uploaded stays on the main server where the Pixelfed instance is running and not get deleted after upload to StorJ. Then it missed the point of having StorJ as well, when the instance server had the same data that was just mirrored on StorJ and still stays on the instance server as well.

2.- I am still wondering, would it be possible to use the livestream feature that Pixelfed offers with the StorJ integration? I tried to make it work, but I had to turn it off, all attempts ended in failure.

Neither of these cases were mentioned at all in the installation video.
Thanks for any ideas.

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NixOrigin(.one) is runnning with Storj.

  1. Local posts will be deleted automatically after being uploaded to S3 (In this case Storj). But unfortunately all the remote posts (cache) are not going to be removed. Its a bug in Pixelfed.

  2. As far as I’m concerned, Livestreaming isn’t properly implemented yet. Its not gonna work at this moment.

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Thank you for your reaction.

I hope that they will fix the cache release bug in the next version then. It would be really welcome. It’s so bad when someone has a site connected to S3, cuz you want to avoid paying for expensive space on VPS servers and thanks to this “bug” have to pay for it anyway because it’s climbing a lot every day.

I will probably shut down our Pixelfed for a while, until the next version, and leave only Mastodon, where I haven’t noticed this problem.

And also thank you for the information about the livestream feature. I know it’s not fully functional yet. My question was purely hypothetical, whether you think it will work then, using with StorJ.