Vanishing dollars

Not a serious deal, I’m talking cents here… but I’m trying to figure out how things work…
In my first month I made 0.12$ (0.03 + 0.09 held).
In my second month I must have made about 0.30$ (can’t recall exactly).
Now in my third month, it seems the 2nd month amount has vanished.
The 1st month amount is still there (0.03 + 0.09), like it was during the 2nd month. What happened to the 2nd month amount?

Try using this to see monthly amount you earned :slightly_smiling_face:

Payments recently went out. Sometimes the amounts shown for past months will be off until the node gets the paystubs from each satellite, which can take a little time after payouts happen.


nice coding… but I don’t want to venture into pausing my node right now. I have a fierce satellite (europe-north) watching all my moves. I was already at ~91.67% online when the recent software upgrade to v1.24.4 pushed me back to 90% flat. I will try it later. tx.

You can copy databases without stopping your node. Use rsync if Linux/Mac or robocopy if Windows.

hummm… you mean running his python codes on somewhere else after copying the database files to that somewhere else… yep, sure, that might do it as far as I can see…
But I’m running a dockerized linux… there’s no info about my setup on his “warning” and I really don’t want to mess with europe-north sat. It’s watching me and it could lower my online ratio just for bad mouthing it…

PS. Europe-North, you are a wonderful satellite!!! :crazy_face:

You have your databases still somewhere on the disk and can copy them without touching the node :slight_smile:
I doing so on my Windows nodes (include docker ones) as well. It’s easy and simple.

It’s not mentioned because the warning doesn’t apply for that setup. Database corruption can happen if you run either the node or the script over a network protocol like SMB or NFS. Docker setups on windows and macos use such network protocols to share the mapped folders in the run command. But on Linux that’s not needed. You can run the script on the node machine on the live databases without problems. I have done this for years now on my nodes. Often several times a day.

You still run it at your own risk, but for your setup it’s fine.

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