Vetting as a trusted Node operator

Hello everybody,

I have been running several StorJ Nodes for about 1.5 years.
About 3 months ago I started another node with a 12TB hard drive. Unfortunately, it hardly receives any data regarding the setting. Unfortunately, the duration of the vetting seems to be more and more of a problem when you want to start new nodes.
Are you already planning a renewal here? Because I don’t know whether it still makes sense to start new nodes if the vetting takes 6 months or more. I am happy to always expand and reinvest my nodes, but only if it is worthwhile in the end.

For example, it would be for node operators who have been around for a long time and who also take good care of their new nodes being classified as “trustworthy” faster, since other nodes are already running successfully here, like me for 1.5 years many TB.

It would be nice if changes are planned here or if you would at least think about how to make it easier for trustworthy node operators to expand.

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The vetting system is agnostic to your experience or how many other nodes you run.
It’s likely that it’s taking a bit longer these days because there is relatively little traffic on the network.

Out of curiosity, why are you spinning up another node? Are your other ones full?

I know that “old” system. And i think thats terrible for Node Hosters like me.
And yes, my other Nodes are Full, so i set a new 12TB Node up :slight_smile:

Well, there had been some other posts suggesting that you should probably not wait until your nodes are full before spinning up a new one… :wink:
Everyone seems to have full nodes except for me! :laughing:

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The vetting takes 1 month, so why would you consider some nonexistent situation in which the vetting takes 6 month? It simply doesn’t.

For Europe-north it takes even more than that but it’s a test satellite with no traffic other than repair.
On customer satellites it should only take 1-2 months.


Vetting for my first node took far longer than 1 month.