Vetting / audit process duration

@champmine18 You probably dont have any files from that sattelite yet hence no audits.

@John.A thank you, I understand that, but I am running several nodes and all of them do not get traffic with the asia satellite. I just wanted to point this out. It will be extremely difficult if not impossible to get 100 audits on the asia satellite for vetting the node.

If I am interested in running a satellite will there be a tutorial in due time?


The Asia satellite is the least used one atm. So you may not be getting vetted, but that also means you’re not missing out on much. I’m sure this will change when more Asia area customers are on boarded.

if not vetted on asia, will the node be vetted by other satellites to be able to receive full traffic?

Each satelite work independently of each other, if you veeted on satelite, then this satelit will give you all data 100%


@Vadim, great, thanks for the clarification, that was not clear from the earlier discussion in this thread, but now it is

my script show vetting audit counters

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I am somewhat confused by some of the comments, for a node to be considered “vetted”, does it need 100 audits on one satellite for that satellite to be vetted, or does it need 100 audits on all satellites? The latter seems unrealistic when the networks has an increased number of satellites

Operating one node that has >100 audits on one satellite but not the other 3…

please clarify!

veeting process is going on each satelite independently, if there will be more satelites. As new satelite acure, it will start his own veeting process and it not somehow change that you are veeted on ather satelits, just that satelit will give you smaller part of data, until veeting over.

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Hello, about 20 hours ago I created a new node, which until now works without problems, my doubt is that in all this time I have not had any audit. Do I have to wait more hours?

Correct, it’s random.

usually it take around month or more to get vetted at 100+

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ok… thanks! for the answer

Correct answer. And it’s ALL satellites that does vetting.

This has been discussed here thousands of times, its not that hard to search the forum

can a 26 day old node get fully vetted if it runs out of disk space with only four of the six satellites fully vetted

It can, if it has the data from customers of satellite in question.

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Is the node operator notified when the node passes the vetting period?


No there is no such information. If you don’t want to start another node on the same PC it also probably does not matter.

Currently the only way to see vetting progress and whether is finished is to pluck it from the databases yourself. Now that may not be something you want to manually do. There is another option, which is to let the earnings calculator I made do that for you. Added bonus is that it makes some effort to translate the non-linear amount of audits into a linear progress percentage. That way you get a better idea about how far along you are in the process time wise. The calculator offers a lot more info, this is just one feature, but you can find more info in the relevant topic here: Earnings calculator (Update 2021-06-11: v10.2.1 - Detailed payout information: Now includes comparison to actual payout, postponed payouts due to threshold and transaction links!)


Thanks! this is great and very useful!

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