Vetting Audits not fair

In statistics I see strange thing that data that i upload back more make vetting process longer, as it get lower audits count, i have more nodes and there is same thing happening.
It not realy fair that system work more but vetteng is longer.

That’s not the reason. The satellite audits random pieces, because the stefan-benten satellite has much more data on other nodes, your node simply has a smaller share of the total amount of pieces for that satellite, which results in a lower chance of your node being audited. Audit numbers increase with the amount of data you store though, so that number should be going up faster over time. Just have a little more patience.


I have same thin on other nodes, and when have more uploads less audits
@ [BrightSilence] but there is some logic in your wolds.

I’m willing to bet that that’s on the same satellite as well.

The screenshot confuses me though, it seems the labels for upload and download are flipped compared to how storj reports it. Either way, the correlation between egress and audits is a coincidence or at the least they have an indirect common cause. The satellite that has the most data stored on other nodes also happens to be the one that has the most downloads of data.