Vetting - Europe-North-1 | 1 month - 8% | "Fully Vetted"

Hi, I see that the vetting time period and process is beat to death on these forums, so sorry for adding to it but I think I understand the vetting process pretty well and still had a question.

It’s been nearly a month and I’ve had 99.9 - 100% uptime across all satellites. US2 satellite was vetted in a matter of days; but the server I don’t get is the europe-north-1, it’s at 8%; is this just because there isn’t as much data coming from that region or it’s a new satellite?

Does a storage node become fully vetted by satellite or is a storage node only “vetted” after all satellites fully vet the storage node?

Thanks again

Hi @geeksheikh

Vetting speed can be related to the amount of new data added to the satellite, so if europe-north is slower vetting then that could be the cause. If there are no errors in the log then there’s nothing to do or change.

Vetting is per satellite.


It’s because this satellite holds a lot of data, but there isn’t currently much data coming in. As a result your node has only a fraction of the total data on the satellite and so only gets a fraction of the audits.

This only happens when there isn’t much data coming in from a satellite. But that also means not being vetted on this satellite will have very little impact on the profitability of your node.

Furthermore, the more data you have, the more audits you get. So keep in mind that the vetting progress speeds up exponentially over time.


Europe north generates lots of repair traffic but it seems like there are so many unvetted nodes on that satellite, my unvetted nodes get only <4% of the ingress of my vetted nodes, which will make the vetting even slower… So after 3 months, my nodes are still not vetted on europe-north.

is there an easy way to check if a node is vetted or how far along it is?


Almost… there… gotta… keep… on… going…
97% vetted after 5 months :relieved:

2 months and 31%… Slow progress for this one!!

68% after 3 months… started the node in november… eu-north is really slow.

Same here: 23% after 7 weeks.

Ok, then I’ll keep waiting too… 74% after 6 months…

79% in 6 months, maybe 1.5 months to go, so 7.5 months in total. Have seen 2.07GB so far in May and when vetted, would expect 20x more data from that satellite :slight_smile:

100 % in month 8 (2020-12-20). :tada: :fireworks:

It’s crazy… Took me 7 months and 2 days…