Vetting period and node size

hi…just want to know if size of node have effect the vetting period? like if size of node 500mb,vetting period much faster than 8tb node?
sory for my bad english

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Size of node is not related with vetting period.
During vetting, you get some data, on that data, satellite will make audits. when you have 100 audits vetting is over. vetting happening on each satellite independently.
usually you get vetted faster on sattelits that more active, and send more data.


okay…tq for explaination @Vadim

How long will take the vetting period approximately and can I use an external SATA hard drive or only SSD?

Vetting is tracked for each satellite separately. My youngest, 7 week old node is already vetted on the two busiest satellites, and at around 20% for the others.

Yes, you can use an external SATA drive (but be aware that some external SATA drives use the SMR technology, which is troublesome for Storj). And yes, you can limit yourself to SSD.

I’ve started a few new nodes recently. As Toyoo mentioned, the 2 that give you the most data will take about 6 weeks at the moment, with a third taking about 2 months. The others are mostly test satellites and haven’t seen a lot of data coming in lately to begin with. Those will likely take many months (probably around 4-6 months), but that’s also ultimately irrelevant as it won’t really impact how much data your node gets unless they see a large uptick in new data, which I’m not expecting any time soon. So in about 2 months time, you’re pretty much there.

You can use this earnings calculator as an easy way to see the progress of vetting: Earnings calculator (Update 2022-04-14: v11.1.0 - Detailed earnings info and health status of your node, including vetting progress)

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For example, I got 40TB and internet speed of 100mb/s, located in Varna, Bulgaria.
How much USD I could make monthly?
Thank you.

Use @BrightSilence’s estimator, it’s the best estimation tool around.

That’s this one: Realistic earnings estimator