View Web Dashboard from another device

Hi, I have a storj node running, and I am able to view the dashboard at localhost:14002 from that device. I was wondering if there is any way that I can view this dashboard from another device. I have tried LAN_IP:14002 from another device but it just times out. Any port forwarding, or firewall rules change I would need to make in order to do this?

In your docker run command use -p 14002:14002 instead of the one with localhost in it.

I am running the windows installer for this node, I don’t see docker running. @kevink

oh then I don’t know.
I guess you could open the port in the firewall but I have no knowledge of windows installer.

Yeah, I tried to open the port in the firewall, and forward it, can’t seem to access the web page. If someone know how I can do this with the windows installer, that would be appreciated!

For now I was able to use ngrok to expose this port.

I don’t use windows installed myself, but I believe you should be able to change this setting in the config.yaml in the install location. Then restart the service. Check for more info.

Not sure which field.

# server address of the api gateway and frontend app

Replace the to, save the configuration file and restart the storagenode service either from the Services applet or from the elevated PowerShell:

Restart-Service storagenode

“:14002” if you want to listen on all available IP addresses


Thank you, that line was commented out!

Side question, is the vetting process automated once a node reaches 100 audits on a satellite? Also, audits seem to arrive in bursts, is there a reason for this?

The vetting process will be finished on that satellite when your node successfully pass 100 audits from it.

And what should I type on my chrome on my phone on the same network?


Replace that with the local IP of your node.