Way to tell when Docker container updates get released

I’m not running watchtower. At this time I’m not interested in running watchtower. Don’t need that in this discussion.

Today I noticed that the minimum node version at https://version.storj.io/ has been updated to 1.24.4. My nodes are still at 1.22.2 but if I try a Docker pull there is no new version found to be pulled. Did something happen out of order with the latest update?
EDIT: Looks like the pull just became available at about 13:39EDT.

Also, what is the definitive way to see when the Docker version is updated? The documentation references the forum (change log) and the GitHub (https://github.com/storj/storj/releases/latest and https://hub.docker.com/r/storjlabs/storagenode) but from none of these do I see anywhere that gives any indication that the “Docker x.x.x update” is available. So far the only way I’ve found is to try a pull and see if anything downloads. Am I missing something?

Docker images are available when the cursor at https://version.storj.io/ goes to all f


Cool, got it. So it is possible (like today) that we’ll see the minimum version advance before the rollout cursor gets updated, but that window should be small? I’ll admit I hadn’t looked at the cursor prior, so maybe they did update at the same time but the Docker update wasn’t quite ready yet. Or was today an unusual occurrence?

I usually just check here… like now it says latest was updated 2 hours ago… so 1.24.2 or whatever 1.24.x is called is live now.


Thanks, searching on the “latest” tag (a detail not included in the Storj documentation) might be the key I was missing to using that. Would be nice if there were some way to match that up to the version # that displays in the dashboard.

I wonder if the old alpha/zeta releases could be cleaned out or filtered out… although having the list sorted by newest-first works.

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