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This is hard to believe with this at the top of your post.

This forum is the only place anyone should use to get updates about Storj and interact with the community. I personally wouldn’t trust such unofficial groups on any other platform.

Using Storj in your group name is also a copyright violation.

Source: Terms of Use


I see your point, neve had reasons to register and post here, only read.
Due trademark point - noted

As I mentioned before, check STORJ telegram group with 15k followers promoting a scam, lots of newcomers that want to enter the community of STORJ ends up scammed.

This is more likely a matter of fake inflated numbers. If people were scammed en masse, we would have heard about it here.

I agreed , but! To hear from them , they should register on forum first , and forum is second layer community tool (dont get me wrong here, i love forums). But why would i register if i got scammed in first place. So if yo dont have official groups on first layer (in 2021 for crypto thats telegram and discord) , you cant hear it . Just go to telegram , search for group i mention doing scam activity and see for your self.

Not to mention , but related to newcommers and bad social presence when you search STORJ on youtube, you dont get official videos reached cause they dont use word “Storj” in title , and so on.

So point of this thread is not to blame anyones expiriance in growth hacking , but to help with simple actions that every supporter of project can do. With those actions i want to answer to question “What can I do for STORJ to help its growth?”

The focus right now is more on customer acquisition. Storage nodes will come when there is money to be made. What you can do mostly is introduce people to the product. Use it yourself, recommend it to others. Even if it’s just small time personal users, eventually that will reach someone who can implement it for larger projects.

I guess the biggest point is that it’s not about the token. That’s just a means to an end. It’s all about the decentralized storage product. That’s what makes Storj unique and highly useful. So promotional efforts are focused more on that part.


thanks for the awesome information.

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Blockquote The focus right now is more on customer acquisition.
You are just SNO like i am, so please point me to the roadmap or any official info that talks about focus. Tnx

Blockquote I guess the biggest point is that it’s not about the token.
Sure it’s not. But ERC20 as monetary value over P2P transactions is chosen with purpose

That’s based on town halls, blogs, let’s talk storj DCS sessions forum posts by storjlings and many more different places where this has been stated or insinuated by Storj Labs. Feel free to look around and verify.

Correct, it’s chosen with the purpose of simplifying decentralized payouts globally. And yes, this is also based on things mentioned by Storj Labs. And no, I don’t have a direct link available from the top of my head. But again, feel free to look around for the answer if you don’t trust me.

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Please, remove Storj logo from your group.


Done 20 charactersss

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Thank you for removing!

We have had a telegram channel, but it was not used for support.
If you want to have an official Community support, it’s presented here, on the forum. We are focused on storage platform, not tokens.
If you want to have an official personal support (payouts, payments, increase limits for your projects, etc.) - you can use support.storj.io portal.


I understood that, but scammers love projects like yours, that’s all.

Feel free to report the scammer group to Telegram admins. We have done so ourselves many times in the past already with no results. If more users would make reports about scammer groups pretending to be the official channels perhaps some action would follow. We do not have the bandwidth to be monitoring all possible social media channels constantly. If you do not see a link to a telegram group on our official web page, that means we do not have any such telegram group. Same goes for other social media such as tik tok, twitch, discord etc.