Web interface port - safe to port forward?

I have a node running on a remote site. I’d like to know if it’s safe to port forward the web interface, so I don’t have to connect using a VPN every time. I don’t care about my ethereum address, bandwidth, uptime, etc. being leaked, but maybe there are some APIs that expose dangerous information or even allow changes to be made to the node?

Its probably not recommend to expose it. Its really up to you I dont believe anyone can change anything but they can pull any info from your node.

Probably not a great idea as your Node ID is on there. I would recommend a safer route of setting up a VPN server at the location hosting your node and if you want to check in on it connect to the VPN and load it up from there. It usually is not a great idea to expose more than you have to.

Is the node ID a secret? I don’t think anyone can do anything with just a node ID if they don’t have the node identity.

Yeah that’s what I did, I was just wondering if port forwarding is okay for some added convenience.

Not 100% to be honest, I guess you would need the private key to really do anything malicious and I do not think that the node ID is associated with it. So you may actually be totally fine from that perspective, I guess about the only other thing would be any security vulnerabilities in the web interface itself, although I would imagine that would be fairly limited as I think the web page is largely just generated statically. If someone did happen to stumble across it they could probably use that as a point to DOS/DDOS you, but that would also be fairly easy to mitigate.

Overall, while I wouldn’t recommend it, I don’t think there are any solid reasons against doing it. Would recommend throwing up an Nginx proxy in front though with some connection limitation configuration just to be on the safe side.

No. But there is enough other information which can be treated as a personal:

  • email
  • wallet

In conjunction with IP someone can determine your physical location and even got other personal information about you.

depends on if you care about your home network. its the same as letting your garage door be open, sure you might not store anything of importance there, but you have a door into your house… same idea…

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I agree with @Cmdrd

The greater the convenience, usually the less secure it is.