Weird node behaviour

You don’t need to start over. If you can check your node logs, it should give an indication as to why the node isn’t starting. It could just be a typo in the config file.

There should be a way to get your node running reliably again. Is your USB drive connected directly to the pi, or through a hub? I run my nodes on a rock64 (similar to the pi4) and after I encountered some problems I found my 4TB USB 3.0 disk wasn’t actually able to get enough power from the board itself. After I added an externally powered USB hub in between the drive and my board, I stopped having random corruption issues.

no, this is just a config change - it can be applied on a node restart - you don’t have to start again - please check for a typo in the config.yaml now - post the output of your log, and can see if something in there - that config change will not break your node, if node won’t start it is something else - please post last 20 lines of node log.

you’ve not lost anything yet - You have a good 20 days of offline, before your node is dead.

It should be CMR, and no one version of SMR. See PSA: Beware of HDD manufacturers submarining SMR technology in HDD's without any public mention

Actually my hard drive is none of them as i mentioned before i am using Toshiba Canvio Basics (2018) Hard drive 4 TB HDTB440EK3CA
And i just found out that the SSD i need for the project with 4TB costs about 443EUROS and i bought the disk i already have for 72Euros :rofl: ???
SO there is no way i am getting this…
I may be able to afford a 1 TB disk but can i keep the data in this case??? If i excecute the command docker stop storagenode and then docker remove storagenode will i have to erase all the data and start over again??
Can i stop docker and restart it with different parameteres while keeping my data???

Yes that’s what i did i changed the config page but docker wouldnt start.
Should i stop and delete docker container and start a new one??

Yes, you can do this and no, you will not lose data, see How do I change values like wallet address or storage capacity? - Node Operator