Went offline when I switched from WiFi to LAN

Per recommendation I noticed on another thread, I switched to a LAN cable to connect to the internet and disabled my wifi. I’m still connected to the same network just LAN cable instead of WiFi.

I tried restarting STORJ in powershell but my dashboard still says I’m offline.


you should check your IP address and port forwarding. I’d be willing to bet your machine was issued a new LAN IP address and therefore the previously port forwarding rule you setup on your router is now no longer applicable to the machine.


I can only confirm @dragonhogan response. If you did not assign your machine a static IP address, your router/modem will assign a new one (dynamic IP) in case of changing your connection type. LAN and Wifi are indeed different devices on your motherboard, so it makes sense your Router just assign a new one. You can eliminate this dynamic behaviour by assigning a static IP address in your Router’s DNS setting. With a static IP you use your computers unique identifier (mac address) to be assigned to one IP adress in the network.

Unfortunately each network interface has its own mac address, so you can’t assign one IP to both interfaces. You probably don’t want to use wifi anyway, so it’s likely a one time switch, but if you want to switch interfaces again, you’ll have to fix the forwards again as well. Just keep that in mind.