What are the egress traffic criteria?

I have 2 nodes, one is home with a 1Gb/400Mb started in July with a 4 cores/thread 1.8GHz1.4 TB drive and its getting about 43GB daily egress in the good days, the other is a 1Gb/1Gb 2 core/threads 1.5Ghz started in November with a 900GB drive and its getting 180GB/day egress traffic (pretty amazing as I rent it for 2.5€/month and it brings $3.6/day). They are both in a 20 miles radius.
Can you give more information on what kind of configuration you like, I can adapt to what ever your needs are. Assuming they are profitable for both of us.

The criteria for egress is simple the node have to hold the requested data. The node selection is random. The current download test downloading back data which were uploaded in december.

Ok.That does not answer my question. Why my oldest and most powerful node is getting 1/4 the traffic of my newer node?

Please, understand, there is no usage patterns at all.
The requested data is resides on your second node. It’s simple like that