What are the options to get User's credentials for S3?

We are on the way of integration with Storj, acting as a third party app. We would like to programmatically run new projects and assign the storage to specific user and then mounting the drive for use in our app. We decided to use libuplink on Golang for the integration, but unfortunately couldn’t find any information related to getting S3 credentials which we are going to provide to our app.

Does libuplink support this or we need to use a different tool for that (uplink CLI for example)?

Could you please explain how this part works? Are there any guides related to this specific needs?

Thanks for your swift reply in advance!

Hello @insign3r,
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With uplink CLI you may do so, if you would use --register option

uplink share --register sj://my-bucket

or for the whole project:

uplink access register

See Using the Uplink CLI - Storj Docs

To do so from the code you may use the code of uplink as an example:

Thanks for your reply, Alexey!

Seems that code example suits our needs.

Should we address the request to our SatelliteAddress, or it should go to some gateway. ?

Is there any possibility to schedule a swift communication in other platform? We would highly appreciate your assistance in this part, as we are running out of our schedule.

The request to register a generated access grant should go to the Auth service, then you will use S3 credentials with the Gateway-MT.
See also


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