What are the usual statistics when transferring a node to new hardware?

My node used to be on windows, today I moved it to linux. I copied the certificates folder and connected the hard disk on which the node files are located. When opening the site statistics page, he writes to me that the occupied space is 0.8 GB.

The storage statistics are stored in the .db files. Presumably you moved those too?

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Which File System is used? NTFS or one of the *ix Systems (ext4, ext3, …).

Please don’t use NTFS on Linux.

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Yes, I do use NTFS for the disk attached to the node

And where is it located? If there are distributed network files in the same place, then yes. Because I moved the entire hard drive

Tell me is it possible to fix this somehow without data loss?

The only way you have is to move the nodes data to a temporary location, format the disk with some native Linux/Unix file system (like ext4) and finally move the nodes data back.

Hint: formating gives you a new UUID for this files system. If you have to create a new partition table, the PARTUUID will also change.

Speaking of filesystem, on macOS 12 (Monterey) is APFS good for use, or it’s better HFS+?

Usually the default one works better.

Following the advice of the people who answered here, I transferred the node files to a hard disk with a different file system. Unfortunately, it didn’t help me. But after a while I realized what the problem was. It turned out that the data structure of the docker version and the Windows GUI is slightly different. The Docker version creates a subfolder named “storage” in the root folder, where all the data stored by the node is located. In Windows, files are stored in the root of the specified directory. It was enough for me to rename the folder with the node files to “storage”, copy the files from the root of this folder (without subfolders) to the parent directory and change <storage-dir>