What does suspension/audit 100% mean?

I just noticed this in my v1.13.3 dashboard:

Suspension                  100 %
Audit                       100 %

Is this good or bad? I’ve searched but what I’ve found seems more confusing.

Means its 100% which is good. But that satellite is no longer active so it doesnt matter for it, But if you see the other satellites falling in % its bad.

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@deathlessdd Thx, all the others show 100% (2 are actually 99.99995%) so I guess that is good. Thx, again…

Maybe it should be renamed, suspension 100 % is a little bit confusing :wink:

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Could you please suggest a new name?

% Before Suspension maybe. Or at the least put something here when u hover over it in the web interface it explains exactly what it means.

No definitive answers to what names should be, but the confusion pops up from time to time on the forum so I created this for trying to find new ways for displaying these scores:

This already exists when switching to a single satellite view. The problem is the lack of hover tooltip when in the “all satellites” view. Also, single view does not display the online score…
Let’s say there is still a bit of room for improvement on the dashboard :slight_smile:

Node Uptime: 100%
Node Health: 100%

But that might be misleading in its own way…

Suspension check?
Suspension score?
Suspension status?
Suspension score?

The number should be reversed.

if suspension is 100% good then suspension score should be 0%.
if suspension is 98.95 good then suspension score should be 1.05%

OR leave % as is but change wording to what other suggested like Node uptime and health etc.

Audit 100% is perfectly fine as is, everyone understands that.

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