What i need to run a Storj node(Suggestions)

Hi, want to join storj team and would like to suggest me what need to do to have a good and profitable node.

I’d say preferably a raspberry pi (for low power consumption) or if you already have some kind of computer that runs 24/7 you can run the node on that.
As for the hard drive I suggest you start bu using a hard drive you have laying around if possible. You can pretty easily migrate the data to a bigger drive once your node outgrows it.
You’ll also need a pretty solid network connection preferably with no monthly limit.
In my opinion the best thing is to start with the bare minimum to minimize overhead cost and then upgrade once you have the need and you have decided you want to keep the node.

Keep in mind that if you have to make any kind of investment it will probably take a long time before your node becomes profitable as these days ingress is very low and nodes take a long time to fill up.

I think this about covers it but feel free to ask if you have other questions


Hi @SETH, welcome to the forum!

I agree, although SMR drives are not great, so prefer a CMR drive if you have a choice.

It all depends on what you have in mind by “profitable”.
Have a look at this community-made estimator to have a better idea what can be expected when starting up a Node:


yeah SMR drive are often terrible for storagenodes.
avoid if possible, and low wattage is certainly a good consideration unless if its gear you already run anyways for other things.

storagenodes doesn’t take much, so its just a matter of what gear you have or makes sense for it.
it takes a long time to nodes to be really profitable.


Expect no profit for at least a year. I’ve ran my node since 2020-feb. 10TB, only used 1,66TB.

@Iigloo After almost 2 years you should be closer to 7~8TB of stored data :thinking:
Something might be off with your node.

Did you investigate? Success rates? Are you offline quite often? Did you check your logs?
You might wanna browse the forum for answers or open up a dedicated thread to get help if need be.


That’s what I thought, I started a node in the late spring of 2020 (can’t recall the exact date), it got filled up quite fast as that’s when we had lots and lots of testing traffic. I think I might even have gotten to 7tb in a little more than a year.

i got a node that is 9 months old which is at 1.35TB stored.
so yeah, a 2020 node with 1.6TB seems extremely low.

ofc if one is running multiple nodes or have other nodes sharing the same ip/24 subnet then ingress would be less…

only 339GB ingress for DEC :confused:

Sry guys. Corona made me lose track of time. It was of 2021 Feb. But filling the hard drive is very slow. But I use around 1kWh/day for the NAS.

Geia sou patrida :slight_smile: …I have available 20TB and 500mbps upload/download, do you think that’s enough? And i am wondering what happend if the drive fail or the motherboard and etc… is there any penalty?

That’s more than plenty.

If it means you’re just offline for a bit it’s usually survivable. Just fix things as quickly as possible and get the node back online. You do get suspended if your uptime drops below 60% over the past 30 days, at which point you get no new data. But you can recover from that in the next month.

Data loss is going to quickly lead to disqualification though. Which means you lose your node and held amount. However you never put any of your own tokens at stake and anything paid out is yours to keep as well. So all you risk is future income.


Yeah, sadly this is my case with my secondary internet connection. There is already another SNO operating a node on that /24 I was thinking of putting another node on that link so I could at least suck 2/3 of the traffic and not just half. lol

Until they wise up on that and do the same thing. You’ll both end up running 20 nodes and still have no advantage over the other.

Looks like we’ve stumbled upon a classic game theory case similar to the prisoners dilemma. Lets see how this one plays out. :popcorn: :slight_smile:


Traffic is so low currently there is no need to do anything at all at the moment. It would still be 2/3rd’s of bugger all.

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No, you did not. You stated that you started in February 2021 in another thread already :wink:


Its a few posts above

Yeah and before it was there:

that’s why I still remembered it :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: i made the same mistake;)

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Well, in the end there was no need to do anything. My neighbor appears to be gone now. I’m on my own again on both isp links (for now).