What if Windows crashes while every restart?

What if Windows crashes while every restart? Should I use this command to manually stop the services?
5 days ago while I was sleeping, there was a powercut in my area at 5 clock in the morning.
I wasn’t aware but my UPS was beeping while I was in a deep sleep.
The power storage on my UPS went null leaving the computer to be with no power. Since that day my computer crashes frequently.

I think you should recover your Windows installation. You can Google the manual, how to recover, there are plenty of them.
I would suggest you to make a backup of the identity, if it is placed on the system drive before recovering the Windows.

After you fix the problem with Windows, please, disable the write cache on your drives.
Also, if you have a managed UPS, you can configure to automatically shutdown your Windows when the UPS is went down below the some percentage of the remaining power.


Dear Alexey,
I do not have an internal UPS. I only have an external UPS. I don’t think there can be any configuration on an external UPS.

And about disabling the write cache on my hard drive I have already done it for my 2 TB hard drive which contains Storj Data and enabled the write cache and buffering policy on the system SSD where the system files are located for Windows 10.

I ran the command “sfc/scannow” in command prompt and it found some corrupted files and automatically repaired them.

I mean the managed UPS, which have a control interface, connected to the PC.
So, your OS is aware of percentage of the power on your UPS and can shutdown itself gracefully before the power is over.

Thank You for your concern!