What is held back?

Will the current value of the STORJ token in USD be held back or just the amount of STORJ token without considering the current value of the currency?

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This does not answer my question.
It’s not stated what will be held back (USD [STORJ token converted to USD using the current value of the currency] or STORJ token?).

Because it would matter a lot.
eg. 10 tokens are held back (worth 10x$0.10) after 15 months I get back the 10 tokens (now worth 10x$1).
If the current USD value is held back I will get back $1, if just the token is held back I will get token’s worth $10 in this example.

This was asked and answered in another thread… I can’t locate it immediately, but:

The amount held is the value in USD paid out in whatever number of STORJ tokens are required to reach the USD valuation.

Link posted by @nerdatwork says:

Payments to storage node operators are calculated in USD and paid in STORJ tokens.