What is the best operative system to run a storj node?

the best operatve sistem to run as a storj node what do you think is the best: ubuntu diban…win7 win10 ecc

This is easily if your able to run ubuntu that would be the best bet or debian its still pretty good, with no GUI. Windows anything Not so much I wouldnt run a node on a windows because of updates and just the overhead windows has over Ubuntu.


A Unix-like OS is the best choice.


+1 for Ubuntu or Debian.


Ubuntu or Debian. Windows works too, but it is not as streamlined as Linux systems. Also, just based on the community posts, Windows looks to have many issues. I would choose a Linux system any day.

I use RaspiOS (based on Debian) in 32- and 64 bit for my Raspberrys. My VPS runs with CentOS7.

In case it wouldn’t be clear enough with previous answers: definitely Linux-like OS.

I’m using Debian (debian-based distributions) and it’s working like a charm.
If you are not afraid by commandline, I would recommend to use Debian (without GUI) in order to avoid overhead due to desktop.

I have been using it for a long time Debian with a light browser GUI - openmediavault

Ok thank you very much of yours answers…

debian/ubuntu here. But really any OS that has good docker support should work fine.

PhotonOS is made for docker and runs perfectly as a vm on esxi host.

@Pietro.anon have you seen this thread? you may find it interesting Post pictures of your storagenode rig(s)

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I have been running my StorageNode on Kubuntu, which is Ubuntu-based.
Gives a decent enough GUI on less hardware equipt machines, although I manage the node remotely using VPN + SSH.
Works really well for what it is. I wouldn’t suggest Windows, even 10 Enterprise still likes to sporadically update … you don’t know if it’s going to decide to update when your not home.

Update settings have nothing to do with the Windows edition and no, Windows does not “sporadically update” (you mean “reboot” by the way), that is a myth.

None of my Win10 Pro nodes have ever rebooted when I didn’t tell them to.

Because you ensured they rebooted in time for it to be forced. Forced reboots after updates are a thing. Windows just gives you plenty of warning before it forces it. So if you pay attention and don’t ignore those, you’ll be fine.

There are some ways to disable or block the automatic restarts, but none of them are just a setting. You’d need to do some tweaking. Windows is clearly not built for this kind of use.
Here are some tips… there are more of them too if you google a bit

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Yeah, that might be the case since I check my nodes at least once a month