What Lambo will you get with node's earnings?

That’s a very hard pass from me, thank you.
Wouldn’t fancy having to go all the way to China to have it serviced :wink:

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I’m sticking to my guns and I’ll have one of these.

Can you send it to me in metallic black, Storj? Thnxbye :wink:

If you want to signal your preferences, just add this to your docker run command.


Don’t forget to replace with the model of your choice of course. Fair warning though, the payout threshold is a little steep. :rofl: But I’m sure once you reach it, Storj Labs will reach out to you to arrange delivery.

Ps. I’m enjoying the sarcasm dripping off this thread. It’s funny to see this community making fun of the get rich quick attitude so prevalent in the crypto space. It’s nice to hang out with you all and have a laugh


No Audi e-tron this month?? :rage:

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Maybe writing to Santa has more chance of success :wink:.


Nah. I called him. He’s still pissed about his node payouts and won’t deliver any car until his mood gets better. :santa:

Hm, do you think it would be simpler to do the same if you bought a rebranded and localized car from Russia?
They also doesn’t include transport costs to the service agreement.

Ahhh the excitement of payday! One step closer to my dream car… :heart_eyes::partying_face:

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Only 2000 more months to go!
So I’ll get my e-Tron when I’m 215 years old…


Better late than never :sunglasses:.

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