When do we get paid after a successful graceful exit?

I was just wondering when do we get paid after a graceful exit.
Do we have to wait for the next monthly payment?
Or do we get paid few hours/days after?


Yes. When you finish GE in May you get paid held amount in June.


I would like to add that you can see the held back payment in the storage node dashboard API.

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Is there any indication of graceful exit in the dashboard? Or will the satellite still show up but just have no traffic/data?

On the dashboard API you can find the information. Storage node dashboard API (v1.3.3)

I can’t find the API documentation. Do I have to find it on the forum?

The link in the post is clickable.

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Yes thanks. But I thought there would have a more detailed documentation about the API.

Open up a new thread if you face any issue using the API.

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The API is pretty self explanatory when combined with that topic. But if you just want the information you can also use the earnings calculator. It does the deciphering for you and latest versions show payouts of held amount due to graceful exit (ow month 15) as well.

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