When should the 50% of escrow payment happen?

Just checked through my nodes and i’m now on Month 16 on 2 satelites “stefan-benten” and “us-central-1”
didn’t get any additional payment last month.

I know this months payment might not be finished yet (at time of writing) But don’t think i’ve heard anything on what month that payment should happen other than “sometime after month 15”).

Or am I getting something really wrong. :smiley:
(*it’s noon and i’ve NOT had any coffee today, so brain might not be at 100%)

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I think if your on the 15th month it’s the month after that you get the payment.


You get it together with the payments of your 16th month (so in your 17th month in the network).

I just got mine today, bundled with all the other payments :slight_smile:


I’ve been pointing this out in the payout feedback topic for a few months now. It gets paid out a month late. Not that I really care. As long as I get it. But yeah it’s paid out with the payouts for month 16 instead of 15.