Where are secrets stored?

After uplink setup, it appears my 1) API key and 2) secret are stored somewhere. Where is that somewhere?

On Linux, I find ~/.local/share/storj/uplink/config.yaml but nothing in it looks like it … except maybe scope? If so, how does this very long value relate to what I entered?

I’m asking because I like to know which files I need to protect / backup / …

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Hello @j12t,
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The scope is what you are looking for. It contains the URL to satellite, the API key and encryption key.
Now we call it access string
You can decrypt it:

./uplink access inspect <here your access string> 

Also, you can make an own access string for the bucket

./uplink share --readonly sj://test

Will produce the access string for read only access to the sj://test bucket

You can then import it in the other uplink

./uplink import <access string>