Where to begin building a node machine?

HI im new here and ive never mined any crypto. i HODL for the most part but this decentralized storage looks like a great place to start “mining”. are there any parts lists or videos to help me get started building a rig i can expand on over time?

Storj Isnt mining I just wanted to point this out, This is actual user data theres no mining what so ever, Its not hard drive mining its not crypto mining. You get paid in Storj coin. Building a “rig” is not a mining rig its a machine that will host the storagenode on.

You could search the forum there has been many many discussions on hardware that is recommend to use, Its not recommend to go out and buy a bunch of hardware because you wont make your money back if you spend a high amount of money to get started.


First off: if you already have any suitable hardware, use that instead of buying new stuff.

If however you absolutely want to build a new storj rig, those are some key points:

  1. any modern CPU will do
  2. 4GB RAM will suffice for running a single node
  3. pick a case that allows you to add more drives down the line

Dont’t know what else to say really. A “Storj Rig” is simply a computer that is capable of running 24/7 while using as little electricity as possible. And it should handle SATA drives, please refrain from using USB connections for storage.


Just wanted to say I run 6 nodes on a headless Raspbian (RPi4B) with 4GB, and for now it’s more than enough. Might be different on Windows, YMMV.