Which month counts as first month for payout calculation?

Ok, here we go

Storagenode1 12PYwN5yzFr9Jsqy1qKdYQd8BvGENKczALx3QtakkwMCU5v55BM

total payout: $7.0448 x 5 = $35.224

Storagenode2 12Ldtzwu1bu3LeXVRe8gXKYugHcuPSJaQk98XEyHbgw8HwRzivc

total payout: $1.5798 x 4 = $6.3192

I just started a third storagenode, but that’s only 16 cents.

So I should expect ~$41.50 for October. Yesterday’s exchange rate was ~$0.143/STORJ at the time of the transactions, so I would expect ~290 Storj, but I only got 258.71.

I think I found the mistake. The second node doesn’t appear to have gotten the surge payment. If I calculate again without surge payment for the second node, then everything is spot on. The second node was setup in August and this blog post says

If you set up your node during the surge payment window, you’ll receive four times the normal payout during the months when surge payments are active.

Should nodes setup after July get the surge payments? If yes, then there seems to be a problem on your side.

The satellite is showing the same numbers including the hold back amount and surge pricing except for stefan-benten (only the first node). So that is the reason for the difference.

Do you have details about that one combination? How much paid traffic and used space?

Do you mean this?

If not, tell me how to get that info.

Sorry at the moment I am low on time. I will have to look into it later today or maybe tomorrow.

I thought I noticed some differences last month as well, but didn’t have time to really dive in. (And it was pretty close anyway)

I do remember there was some weird glitch in the graphs on the web dashboard for the stefan-benten satellite earlier. Could it be related, maybe there is some faulty accounting for transfers on either the node side or satellite side? I’m not at home right now, but I’ll try to do a similar comparison between the numbers this weekend for my own node.

Alright, dove into it and found the following for my node.
Node ID: 12aYrWFmJqrmhN3zgkvANBTsj2DdLwf2aZC8T5t7CrNazHahKXW


I’ve added my own calculation based on node age and the results above as a personal note on etherscan.

These results are fairly similar to what I saw last month. Most are really close. But the stefan-benten satellite seems to have a payout that is outside expected fluctuations in STORJ pricing.

The difference is still not that big, but it does suggest something may have occurred to make the node have different stats than the sat for that one. So as with @donald.m.motsinger’s results there may be a slight discrepancy on that one satellite.

I’m sure this is all in good faith though. I’m not complaining, just providing some extra info in case it may be helpful to find possible issues.

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